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Meet the family

The nu.roll product lineup was designed to meet all your storage needs.


From toilet rolls to paper towels. Easily mount this on any surface to track paper usage.


The backup plan. You never know when you’ll run out. The roll holder holds up to 3 spare rolls just in case. Pairs perfectly with the sensor


No more half used bags of toilet paper lying around the house. The storage unit provides a safe and cozy home for your paper.

A birds eye view

Detailed updates across your office or household. Get notified when stock is running low – no more panicking.

Seamless Integration between all devices

All devices sync to the cloud in real time and keep you updated and alert you when to restock.

AI Analytics

Nuroll learns usage trends and provides smart predictions and analytics.

Mange devices and stock anywhere, anytime.

Keep track of stock throughout multiple locations and rooms through the nu.roll app. Available on both Android and iOS.

toilet paper

The toilet paper
holder was designed in 1890.

We think it's time to shake things up a bit. Join the movement by supporting our vision on kickstarter.


Meet the team

You can’t imagine how many crappy jokes they made in the office.

Matthew Adams


Eduardo Esser

Head of Engineering

Ezra Selga

Digital Designer

Oliver Robson

App & Cloud Lead

Rodrigo Maureira

Embedded Team Lead

Haoyuan Tang

Senior Software Engineer

Frequently asked questions

Got some questions running through your mind? Don’t worry we did too. Here’s some we know the answers to.

When will the product ship?

The product is currently going through development. Production will start Q3 2024 and will start shipping Q4 of 2024.

Where are you guys based?

Our head office is in the bright sometimes sunny land of Melbourne, Australia.

When was the toilet paper invented?

In 1857, a New Yorker named Joseph Gayetty introduced and first patented toilet paper. He called it “Medicated Paper for the Water-Closet” and Gayetty's name was printed on every sheet.

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